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Sharing Story

I would like to share that in August I will be traveling to Buffalo to see where my mom lived most of her adolescent years. The hospital I mention in my book (Buffalo State Hospital) aka Buffalo State Insane Asylum offered to do a private tour. I donated a copy of my book. The hospital is a historical site and half of it was made into a museum and another part is under construction for the making of a hotel. Then there's another part of the hospital which is where my mom lived and is not opened to the public. The viewing day will be emotional for me. For my readers who already read my book, for the readers we are in the process and for those who are just curious please check out the website below."

P.S. The pics below are already in my book. Left is pic of the outside part of the side she lived in. Pic right below on left side is my mom at age 14 standing in front of the side she lived in. Pics on right side are front and back cover of my book.