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Reflections of What God Can Do


Ginny and Me: Reflections of What God Can Do is a deep personal story about my troubled relationship with my mother, who lived with a severe mental illness. Ginny, died unexpectedly at Christmas season, and buried later Mother’s Day weekend. My story addresses how God carried me, and several social issues including mental health, child neglect and abuse, domestic violence, loss, and grief.

Abuse is damaging. It comes from cycles of abusive behaviors learned and repeated through generations. Because of shame and embarrassment, many people do not speak about the cruelty they endured. In my case, most of the abuse I suffered resulted from my mother’s mental illness. For my entire life, people told me to excuse my mom’s abuse because she was mentally ill. However, mental illness does not give anyone the right to abuse you (in particular, your child).  


Ginny had childhood paranoid schizophrenia with multiple personality disorder. She lived in the Buffalo State Hospital through her adolescent years. When released from the hospital, she had me. She was twenty-six, and my dad was thirty years older. My mother was white, and my father was black. 


As a child, I struggled with my mixed heritage. My mom would tell me that white people did not like me because I was black. Even from a religious standpoint, I was raised as a Catholic and Baptist. On Sundays, my mom and I attended mass without my father and Baptist service with him. I always felt like I had to choose. Was I black? Was I white? Was I Catholic? Was I Baptist? My mom told me that her side of the family disliked my dad because he was black and my dad’s side of the family disliked my mom because she was white. Here I was stuck in the middle. 


I share my life story with the world through God’s glory. My story is about how faith enabled me to overcome extraordinary struggles, pain, and loss. Faith, hope, and forgiving the unforgivable through prayer and trusting in God are the keys to healing.

Reflections of What God Can Do Organization was originated from the subtitle of the book, Ginny and Me. Hoping to help others cope in difficult times. My desire is staying in faith for my book to turn into an inspirational movie. Why? Because there are many people who need to let go of pain in their lives and seek God.

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Christine Walters

Founder of the nonprofit Reflections of What God Can Do Organization


Reflections of What God Can Do


A Life in Words

Christine Walters is an American author, speaker and entrepreneur. In April 2015, she opened her life to the world when she published a memoir titled, “Ginny and Me: Reflections of What God Can Do.” Christine detailed the emotional impact mental illness can have a family. An only child with a mentally ill mom forced her to face many trials and tribulations throughout her young life. Her life experiences and tragedies have been detailed in, “Ginny and Me.” This book became a safe haven to people across the world who felt that they were alone; who felt no one in the world felt their pain. Christine has gained notoriety as an influential speaker with a success story everyone can applaud. She is now an inspiring writer. Christine released a collection of prayers and letters she wrote to God, titled, “Prayers Gathered along the Way.” She continues to express to the world how God’s mercy can get you through any situation.

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Bill Murray, Founder at National Assoc. of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

"I'm delighted Christine considers herself a member of the NAASCA family (National Association Adult Survivors of Child Abuse) and appreciate all she does in the fight against child abuse and trauma. She told her life story on our "Stop Child Abuse Now" talk radio show recently, and all were impressed by how far she's come on her healing journey."

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